Episode 2: Descartes’s Meditations: What Can We Know?


Discussing Descartes’s Meditations 1 and 2. Descartes engages in the most influential navel gazing ever, and you are there! We discuss what Descartes thinks he knows with certainty (hint: it is not you). Mark and Wes agree to disagree about agreeing that they disagree. Seth had a long day and is very tired.

End song: “Axiomatic” by New People from The Easy Thing (2009).

Episode 1: “The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living” (Part One)


Discussing Plato’s “Apology.”

This reading is all about how Socrates is on trial for acting like an ass and proceeds to act like an ass and so is convicted. Big surprise. On this our inaugural discussion, Mark, Seth, and Wes talk about how philosophers are arrogant bastards who neglect their children, how people of all political stripes don’t usually examine their fundamental beliefs (but probably should), why it might be better to know you know nothing than to only think that you know nothing, and how Plato was a super genius all of whose texts you should worship uncritically. Plus: podcaster philosophical origin stories, like when Wes was bitten by a radioactive Anaxagoras.