Jul 312009

Have some tasty metaphysics, in mono!

Leibniz thinks that the world is ultimately made up of monads, which are like atoms except nothing at all like atoms, because they’re alive, and mindful, and eternal, and windowless, placed in the best kind of harmony at the beginning of time by God. Is there a concept album in all of this?

Plus, does reading philosophy make you a better conversationalist, or just get you ostracized?

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End song: The soothing “Healthy Song” by The MayTricks, from the 1994 album Happy Songs Will Bring You Down.

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Jul 252009
by Ken Gerber

Listen to this here episode first. A priori, that is. Before experiencing the world yourself.

Why should you bother to go through the trouble of downloading and listening to one of the full length episodes? Who are we anyway? Why shouldn’t you just go listen to some philosophy lectures posted by university professors instead of this thing? Do you need to listen to the episodes in order? Do you need to already know a lot about philosophy to get anything out of this podcast? Should you listen to it while pleasuring yourself? Most of these questions will be answered here!

End song: “New People” by New People.

Once you’ve finished this, you can jump to episode 1 (and its continuation).

Jul 162009

Discussing Books 1 and 2.

What is virtue, and how can I eat it? Do not enjoy this episode too much, or too little, but just the right amount. Apparently, if you haven’t already have been brought up with the right habits, you may as well give up. Plus, is Michael Jackson the Aristotelian ideal?

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End song: A newly recorded cover of Billie Jean by Mark Lint and the TransAmerikanishers. (Hear it by itself here.)

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Jul 132009

The big weekly entertainment magazine in Madison, WI included a writeup of the podcast in this article: http://www.thedailypage.com/isthmus/article.php?article=26356&sid=f8b220e5953615e25217a596b717e6fd

We’re mentioned at the end of the first section, then have a couple of paragraphs under “Talk Talk” near the end, plus the “Gallery” includes the excellent caricature that Ken Gerber did for us. (Incidentally, you should check out Ken’s blog at http://cartoonstand.wordpress.com/ if you haven’t already.)

Jul 082009

In addition to our Facebook page, we now have dedicated forum/discussion space on UrbanPhilosophy.net: http://urbanphilosophy.net/pel/. Participating there requires registering for an account, but it’s a simple and quick procedure that doesn’t cost anything or require to enter any more personal information than your e-mail. Also, Seth has posted an article there on Judaism, if you’re interested in that.