Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 9

This week I mixed a demo from a failed 2000 collaboration: “Mush.” One of the first musicians I met in Madison upon arriving in 2000 was Ken Labarre. “Mush” was a song he wrote for his previous band, and it rips on people who bare their feelings on daytime talk shows (not the kind of […]

Mark’s Inspirational Speech

Responding to a listener request, here’s the text of the inspirational speech from the end of episode #14, so you can have it tattooed or mounted or embroidered or perhaps written in frosting on a birthday cake. I have rendered it in BOLD MAGENTA #3 (C031C7) for your pleasure: What you see before you, i.e. […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 8

The first newly completed song from the “Madison Lint” album: “Cold.” I’ve been singing this a lot to myself as I walk around this horribly frozen wasteland that is Wisconsin and thinking about when I wrote the words to this while wandering around the building of my crappy office job back in early 2001, when […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 7

Here’s another new recording: “Ann(e).” It’s a pretty old song, written I think late in 1991, back when I was in a psychedlic band called The MayTricks, and though the recording is entirely new (OK, I started the click track and the acoustic guitar back in 2000, i.e. this is another tune destined for the […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 6

More video this week: The linked song is one of two I’ve just put up there from a 1997 gig by The Fake Johnson Trio. This was the very last gig for that band, and one of the few played as an actual trio: I switched to bass for a couple of shows for […]