One-Star Ratings, Revisited (Solicitation for iTunes ratings)

I recently blogged about the glory of goobers posting one-star reviews of things. Well, we got our own first one-star iTunes rating, though, alas, with no accompanying review. Now, I had thought that this was actually a good thing, that we were finally getting big enough that hostile people were actually getting tuned into us, […]

Episode 18: Plato: What Is Knowledge? (Citizens Only)

plato (2)

Discussing Plato’s Theatetus and Meno. In the Theaetetus, Plato considers and rejects a series of mostly very lame conceptions of knowledge and replaces them at the end with… NOTHING. In the Meno, knowledge is “remembrance” (maybe).”

End song: “Obvious Boy,” by Mark Lint and the Fake from So Whaddaya Think? (2000).

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 16

Yes, another song not written by me, from the same 1991 demo as the last two weeks’ entries: “Wild Flower.” However, I did play this 40 million times and wrote the swell bass line and contributed to the somewhat out-of-tune backing vocals. The performance is actually pretty darn good, and the recording was only left […]

Danto Listened to Us!

On Episode 16, we discussed some work by Arthur Danto and joked that he would certainly never listen to us. Well, I sent him a link to the episode via Facebook, and he not only listened that day to it, but put the link on his page, complimented us there to his many friends, and […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 15

Here’s “Wasted Youth,” a song by Steve Petrinko, also (like week 14) from the MayTricks 1991 EP, which I’m retroactively calling the “Happy Flowers EP,” as “Happy Flowers” was to be the name of the album that we started recording with this lineup shortly after making this demo (at least according to my decision; I […]

Ripping the Classics

An amusing article by Jeanette DeMain on about Amazon one-star reviews of classic books caught my eye. Its thesis is that for every book our culture (or likely, you in particular) finds great, there’s likely a horrific review of it posted. Now, of course many of these reviews are by semi-literate anti-intellectual assholes. Still, […]

“Britain’s assault on the love of truth for its own sake”

Philosopher Martha Nussbaum in the  The New Republic: In Britain today there is a new government program called the Research Excellence Framework (REF). Under the REF, scholars in all fields will be rated, and fully twenty-five percent of each person’s rating will be assigned for the “impact” of their work—not including its impact on other […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 14

One of my heretofore unmentioned projects for this blog is digitizing and mixing the original, 1991 5-song demo from my college band The MayTricks, so here’s the first tune: “Run Away.” I’ve also posted an mp3 of the eventual 1993 album version of the tune for comparison. I like the demo better, I think, though […]