1. Mind Video #7: V.S. Ramachandran


    This video features a guy I’d not heard of before, Vilayanur S. Ramachandra, called “The Marco Polo of neuroscience,” though I prefer “the great gesticulator,” a title I just invented while watching this animated performance:

    Rama states the common conception of qualia (from Frank Jackson): we can know all of the neurological facts about color and yet still learn something when we actually see the color itself.…Read more »

  2. Mind Video #5: Daniel Dennett


    Dan Dennett, who is not Santa Claus, has many clips on youtube, both as “new atheist” and as someone who wants to “deflate consciousness,” i.e. show to us through optical illusions and things that we don’t know as much of what’s going on in our minds as we think.…Read more »

  3. Mind Video #1: David Chalmers


    We just recorded our discussion of the philosophy of mind last Sunday, though it’ll be a while before it gets all mixed and edited and posted. The discussion was very wide-ranging and covered a number of colorful personalities in not very much detail at all,…Read more »

  4. In Praise of Nigel Warburton


    After listening to “Philosophy: The Classics” several times and many episodes of “Philosophy Bites”, Seth feels moved to sing the praises of Nigel Warburton.