Foucault’s Discipline and Punish is Book of the Month at Philosophy Forums

I've been chatting on and off with Scott at Philosophy Forums to try to synchronize one of our episodes with the Book of the Month over there, and despite my basically having given up on doing this as too hard to coordinate, I see that the book for February is Discipline and Punish, which we recently covered.

So head over there if you'd like and participate in that discussion.

-Mark Linsenmayer


  1. dmf says

    it’s good to have these links but very hard in an timely manner to keep up with even one or two conversations, that said here is Jeff Bell leading us from Foucault to Deleuze just in case we head that way:
    for lay readers newapps is an interesting look at insider baseball for academic philo. and an open forum but the conversation can be a bit testy and assumes a degree of expertise so I would suggest treading lightly when it comes to jumping into the comment section.

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