PEL Mentions in the Onion and Elsewhere

Dennis Hollingsworth

Yes, we have a Google alert on ourselves. Go write about us and we will try to give you a linkback or even go read/listen to you, etc. (When Colin Marshall did this, I hooked him up with a gig writing for openculture, where one of his posts just got picked up by The New Yorker, Slate, and Andrew Sullivan's blog. Go, Colin!)

Here are some recent PEL mentions on the wide scary web:

The Onion AV Club wrote a nice review of us.

Our Kierkegaard episode was mentioned in the National Catholic Reporter. I like that they have to warn their readership about our "occasional adult language."

We got a mention on the Bad Philosophy podcast, which I've only listened to a couple episodes of over the years, but which seems fun, and fills a different space than PEL (I don't think we could get away with an episode all about Santorum). Any fans of theirs here? Any particular episodes of theirs that you think PEL listeners might especially like?

We're always happy to hear from artists, and longer-time fan (he wrote on our Leibniz episode way back when) Dennis Hollingsworth talked us up. The image with this post is some of his art.

The "Laughter" music/catchall blog pointed at us.

It also seems worthwhile at this time to check into the Online Philosophy Club's discussion of Discipline & Punish. A bit disappointing that it was book of the month for all of February there, and yet only seven posts with only four ratings on the site. Ah, well.

Also, my attempt to snare a comedian for our philosophy and comedy episode failed in the case of Stephen Fry, and Chris Hardwick never answered me either, but we got an enthusiastic "yes" from the most excellent and philosophical Jennifer Dziura, so we've got her scheduled for episode 55 to come discuss Henri Bergson's "On Laughter" with us, to be released around late April.


  1. says

    Don’t give up on Chris Hardwick. He’s just ueber busy. You have to be persistent but he seems to do anyone’s podcast. I mean that in a positive and good way!!

    Right now he’s doing Talking Dead. You probably tried to get in touch with him when he was preparing for his comedy central performance.

    If you would like him on your podcast, keep asking but not in an annoying way!!

    Does that make sense?
    -Diane. Sometimes contributor to & Philosopher of Life

  2. says

    Bad Philosophy wasn’t what I was expecting but I don’t know why I am surprised by this – the title kind of captures it all, and I don’t say that to denigrate the show, everything’s very tongue-in-cheek, conversational, and self-deprecating; there was some talk before the show about the separation thesis in legal/moral philosophy (which sounds like a good topic for y’all to cover) which was, ironically, about as close as we got to a significant philosophical conversation.

  3. Amir Zaki says

    What is that photograph at the top of your entry? Is it an exhibition or someone’s studio? Credits, please.

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