Mark Tells You How to Make a Podcast (and How PEL Is Doing)

Jason Hartman, a Guy Who Apparently Thinks PEL Can Make Money
Jason Hartman

I was interviewed last week for the Speaking of Wealth Show, which I don't know much about, but the person who contacted me listed other guests that the host Jason Hartman had interviewed, and that list started with Pat Buchanan, so how could I say no?

On PEL itself, we try not to just go on and on about how we make the podcast and how many downloads we're getting this week and how much money we're (not) making, but here that was entirely the point, so you can hear what I sound like without my brutal PEL editing and apparently, without stopping to take a breath for several long portions of this. I guess I was a bit hyped up.

Listen to the interview.


  1. Mike Fox says

    So that explains how your podcasts seem so free of overtalk. 3 – 4 hours of editing for every hour of recorded conversation. Yikes. Keep those donations coming…

  2. Wayne Hacker (@RandomExcess) says


    First, I just wanted to let you know, and I am sure you do, that all your efforts in production are definitely worth it from a listener standpoint.

    You guys also do a wonderful job at capturing that campus feel. Brings back many of afternoon in the graduate lounge or our weekly “fluid dynamics” seminars.

    Have you tried any out reach to the other graduate departments at UT such as English, Physics, Mathematics and History? Perhaps even other institutions? Philosophy always seems like a subject that any graduate student wishes they had time for and I am sure your podcast would be of interest to a wide range of students (and graduates).

    Loved the episodes looking at Philosophy of science, mathematics, feminism and race.



    • Profile photo of Mark Linsenmayer says

      Thanks, Wayne. I don’t know if I’m bold or enterprising enough to send the podcast to whole English depts, but I sure have no qualms about putting links to individual episodes up on forums/Facebook pages/etc. where they might be appreciated outside of philosophy circles. I’m sure I’ve left many good options untapped re. the current Buddhism episodes, but time is fleeting…

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