• the Absolute says

      It doesn’t say anything about those who don’t believe in evil, it just presupposes that there is evil and than draws conclusions from that. If you don’t believe in evil you can still be a theist although not a christian in a standard sense.

      PS: Are you from ex-yugoslavia, i didn’t know there are more of us here ?

  1. Guest says

    This flowchart seems to be bothering me…

    If you follow the chart to the free-will question, you get in an infinite loop. Basically, asking if God can create a universe with free-will and no evil, and why he didn’t do so, and answering that he did so because of free-will.

    That, and it only removes the possibility a god that’s omnipotent, omniscient and benevolent all at once.

    • Donald says

      Could God have created a Wes who could make a Problem of Evil flow chart that didn’t bother you? If so, then why didn’t he?

      But seriously, I’d say it is not supposed to be read as an infinite loop, instead just try the free will “answer” once and you are right back to the same questions. That’s why it is still a “problem”.

      On the other hand, you are right that if one wanted to argue for a God who either wasn’t omnipotent, or wasn’t omniscient, or wasn’t omnibenevolent, then the problem disappears. The assumption, I think, has always been that few people would be satisfied with or would want to worship such a God. I have never heard a serious attempt to even describe these three other types of God. But maybe you are onto something. Do you (or does anyone else) want to have a go at describing any of these other Gods? Are they found anywhere in History?

      • Donald says

        Let me not be lazy and give these other “Gods” a rudimentary sketch myself, it is not really that complicated on further reflection…

        Without omniscience, you basically get Superman or other objects of “hero worship” historically like say Hercules. Without omipotence you get sort of Sage, Saint or Oracle, I guess? Without omnibenevolence is where it gets interesting/provactive to me. This could actually be a God to someone or some cultures, although off the top of my head the closest I can think of is Shiva, wasn’t S/He supposed to be a creator/destroyer? Thinking about this as a teen, and concluding that God could well be both good and evil and thus even if existing not be worthy of worhip, was basically the first step I took on my way to becoming an atheist.

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