Listen to Quine’s “Two Dogmas of Empiricism”

Quine, Age 27I've posted a new item on our member site, namely me reading the entirety of "Two Dogmas of Empiricism, which we'll discuss on episode 66. Dylan is planning on recording the other essay we'll discuss, "On What There Is," prior to the release of the episode.

Due to copyright issues, I can't just put this on our public site, nor can I sell it as a one-off item, so the member site is the only way we can currently distribute this. Learn more about membership.

I'm very interested in expanding what PEL does to include licensed versions of important articles (books?) in philosophy that don't otherwise have audio coverage. We (meaning us podcasters and also many of you listeners) should have an advantage in creating this kind of material over established, non-philosophical purveyors of audiobooks in that we're used to reading it, so we can perhaps better communicate what's supposed to be the thrust of the passage, as opposed to an aside. We also care (or can care for the purposes of these recordings, even if we don't always fuss about it in the middle of a podcast discussion) about the correct pronunciations of the technical (and sometimes foreign) terminology. If any of you readers are in academic publishing or would otherwise have insight into how best to pursue this, let me know.

-Mark Linsenmayer


  1. Mike F says

    I think you have hit on a great idea to make audio versions of the reading material available prior to your podcasts. I wish I had some practical experience or ideas that would assist you in moving this forward. Unfortunately, I am exclusively a consumer of audio content. But as a 3 hour per day commuter, I can say that audio versions of the material would be a great assist to both my understanding of your podcasts and my interminable daily drive time. Just wanted to at least contribute support to what I think is a great idea.

  2. Profile photo of braam says

    Ha! Very clever. Though I’ve donated, infrequently, before; freely, willingly, or so I supposed, now I understand that the first few pod casts were proffered as traps, diabolically barbed with insight, erudition, and humor to snare the curious and adventurous.
    Oh well. Fine.


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