Voice Actors Needed for Bitchin’ Plato Christmas Play

I'll let the cat out of the bag now that our planned reading for ep. 69 will be Plato's dialogue "Gorgias."

I have in mind to record a full-cast audio version of this (there are 5 speaking parts) and am looking for some folks (men or women; I don't care that they're all dudes in the dialogue) who might want to read it with me over a Skype call.

This means that in addition to having a reasonably nice, clearly articulating voice, you'd need to have a reasonably decent recording setup, meaning you have at least purposely bought some sort of mic, or actually the built-in laptop mics on macs sound fine if your face is close enough to them.

If you're interested, get the dialogue and record yourself reading for maybe 30 seconds, then send me an mp3 or whatever as an email attachment at mark@partiallyexaminedlife.com so I can hear both your voice and your recording setup. As soon as I get enough people that can schedule something together, we'll go ahead and do it. Whether it ends up as another goodie for members, or for sale to the public, or free to the public, will largely be a matter of how well it comes out.

-Mark Linsenmayer


  1. Profile photo of Daniel Horne says

    You’re really going to pass up the opportunity to gather the crew and make this an American Idol moment? Now, that would be a Google Hangout worth viewing. America’s Got Rhetoric!

  2. Laura says

    OkaY I’ll Give it a shot and I’ll send you sample recording. Hope you don’t mind dogs in the background. Actually they could be my Greek chorus. Hehe.

    • Profile photo of Mark Linsenmayer says

      Sorry, Laura, you’ve weighed in too late. The thing has been cast, and we just spent like 2 hours recording the first half of the dialogue.

      The rest is just going to be me and Dylan scrapping, should we have the stamina to finish it.

      Thanks to all who submitted!

  3. Laura says

    Oh bummer. But I bet it will be great! The great debate of the rhetorician vs the philosopher! Who’s playing Socrates?

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