A Discussion of PW Anderson’s “More is Different”

Credit physics.ubc.ca

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of discussing P.W. Anderson's famous 1972 article More is Different as part of  a PEL Not School study group on emergence with Not Schoolers Bill Burgess, Casey Fitzpatrick, Ernie Prabhakar, and Evan Gould.

Anderson argues that the sciences don't form a reductive whole -- that chemistry isn't applied physics and psychology isn't applied biology -- taking early aim at the conceits of the uber-reductionist elementary particle physicists. Part of his argument is an articulation of how the principles of symmetry-breaking make this non-reductionism clear in the physical world. We discuss all these matters trying to sort out Anderson's claims and what we think of the evidence for them.

You can read the article yourself here.

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