Citizen Book Giveaway: Win Eva’s Book (or another Paul Dry Books Title)

This weekend we'll have a drawing among the currently registered PEL Citizens and choose five people to win Eva Brann's book The Logos of Heraclitus.

If you already have that book or don't want it, you can instead pick anything of equal or lesser value from the Paul Dry Books catalog (or pick something pricier if you want to pay us the difference). If you're in the US, we'll have Paul Dry Books ship it to you for free; if you're not (international shipping prices have gone up a lot), we can work something out. You can alternately choose an e-copy of most of their titles in your preferred format.

The number of Citizens competing is somewhere around 400, so your chance of winning is around 1.25%, which is quite a bit better than the lottery. This is our way of thanking folks for signing up, and of course should be an incentive for you to jump in the pool too. While you may only have a 1.25% chance of winning a book this weekend from us, there's 100% chance that you'll get a lot of swell bonus audio and a decent chance (I would not want to estimate) that with a little work on your part you can hook up with a Not School study group that will get you to read something you've been wanting to read, or introduce you to something you didn't know that you wanted to read. Not sure? Take a quick video tour of the Citizen site.

And don't forget our deal with Paul Dry Books this month: Order two or more titles and get 20% your order and free domestic/discounted international shipping when you enter the coupon code "PEL" when checking out.

Whether you join up or not, thanks for your support in whatever way you express it!

-Mark Linsenmayer

Image credit: The comic is by Natalie Dee. Check out her website.


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