Not School Group Proposal: Zizek!

PEL Not SchoolFor March I'm proposing a Not School reading group on Zizek. The group will read a 25-page transcript of a talk he gave at the International Journal of Zizek Studies 2012 conference. It is, I think, a very nice summary of some of his key philosophical positions and where his current theoretical interests lie. The added advantage of this reading is that a recording of Zizek himself delivering it is available on YouTube and since Zizek is a primarily oratorical philosopher, this should provide great assistance in one's reading. The talk itself is about 1h 30m and the text can be read much more quickly – in, perhaps, thirty minutes or, with care, an hour.

I plan to host a recorded session to walk through this reading, recording of which will be available to all Citizens (and an excerpt eventually available to everyone else via a Digest episode).

A future PEL podcast will focus one of  Zizek's works – many of which are notoriously wandering and self-referential. If you'd like to get a leg-up, this would be a great place to start! Join the group here.

You can watch the talk here; and the reading, which begins at about 2m 30s on the video, is available here .

-Michael Burgess


  1. JS says

    I can’t read him anymore without imagining his accent. It’s hilarious. Surely not all Slovenes talk that way.

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