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General Announcements

Updates about the podcast or the site: upcoming topics, new offerings, etc.

Recent Posts:

Henri Bergson and William James on Vicious Intellectualism
Topic for #93: Free Will and Moral Responsibility (Strawson Father vs. Son)

PEL’s Notes

More information on the specific readings read for or discussed in the podcast.

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Why Don’t We Like Idealism?
Judgment without Morality
Truth Without the Capital “T”

Other Podcasts

Apparently there are podcasts (and lecture series) besides PEL, and we listen to some of them.

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“Modern Day Philosophers”: Reading Wikipedia with Comedians
Berkeley Discussed on BBC’s “In Our Time”
What Can Regular Words Do?

Things to Watch

Philosophy videos!

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A Heap of David Brin Links
Not School Group Proposal: Zizek!
The BBC’s Adaption of No Exit – review


Books, movies, and other stuff with some philosophical content that we recommend (or don’t).

Recent Posts:

The BBC’s Adaption of No Exit – review
Win $20k from Sam Harris
Kuhn, Black Swans, and Antifragility

Web Detritus

Articles and other resources (apart from audio and video) that you may want to check out.

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Please Stop Contributing to the Publish-or-Perish Landfill
Apoplectic About Outsourcing Apps
Philosophy Bro on Transhumanism

Misc. Philosophical Musings

Where we think things through so you don’t have to.

Recent Posts:

Technology and Individuality
Conversation vs. Crossfire (Philosophy, Arrogance, and the David Brin Episode)
Why Identity Politics is Illiberal (Belly Dancing, Ctd)

Personal Philosophies

You too can order (or target) your own Personal Philosophy with a $30 PEL Donation! (This is where Mark tries to be funny.)

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PEL To Become Full-On Born-Again Christian Podcast From Here On Out
A Personal Philosophy for Nikos V.
A Personal Philosophy for Michael the Belgian Beer Connoisseur

PEL Not School Reports

News about activity on our Citizen site (which you should join!).

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Conversation on “Wittgenstein’s Nephew” by Thomas Bernhard
Theater and Ritual: Discussing Richard Schechner and “Dionysus in ’69″ in Not School
Discussing Ulysses by James Joyce

Nakedly Self-Examined Music

Mark’s tunes, overexplained.

Recent Posts:

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog: Authentic and Roots Music
“No Exit” Outtakes Posted for PEL Members
Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog: “Yours to Keep”


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  1. Hi Guys,
    I’m a fan, love your work. I’ve got a couple ideas on future book topics.

    1) The Management Myth: Stewart, Matthew. A PhD in philosophy analyzes business theories using the ideas of dead philosophers (mostly Popper, Descartes, Plato, Heidegger). Armed with his philosophy PhD, he compares his knowledge and problem solving approach with the Harvard MBA’s he works with.
    I decided to check out the management literature. Partly, I wanted to “process” my own experience and find out what I had missed in skipping business school. Partly, I had a lot of time on my hands. As I plowed through tomes on competitive strategy, business process re-engineering, and the like, not once did I catch myself thinking, Damn! If only I had known this sooner! Instead, I found myself thinking things I never thought I’d think, like, I’d rather be reading Heidegger! It was a disturbing experience. It thickened the mystery around the question that had nagged me from the start of my business career: Why does management education exist?

    1) About Behaviorism: BF Skinner. In his intro, Skinner claims that behaviorism is not a science, it’s a philosophy. Maybe you can explore his ideas, and see if you agree with his opinion.
    I read #1 and liked it, especially his analysis of Tom Peters-speak. I’ve started reading #2.

    Skinner at Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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