Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog: “Take a Hike”

Listen to “Take a Hike” and “Goldfish” by Mark Lint and Stevie P. After my college band The MayTricks broke up due to my leaving for grad school in Austin, I returned to Ann Arbor for several quick visits and recorded new material with my co-front-guy Steve Petrinko. Sometimes he would just record some drums […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog: “Bedlam”

Listen to “Bedlam.” This is another tune from my semi-abandoned album The Sinking and the Aftermath, by the nonexistent band Mark Lint and the Simulacra from 2000. (Several other tracks have appeared on episodes.) This one sat nearly done and farking awesome for 13 years until our Jung episode made me finish it by adding […]

Social Dynamics in Philosophizing (vs. Rock n’ Roll)

One of the recurring themes of PEL is the power dynamics in philosophizing. This is not so much the case in what we read but in how we deal with guests, with the authors, with each other. The situation seems pretty simple: We’re each on our own independent, spiritual quest. We can study on our […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog: I Believe

Listen to “I Believe.” This tune owes much in its conception to the old Steve Martin bit “What I Believe,” but I used that rough format to express, back in 2002 when I wrote the bulk of this (calling it “Stalking George Burns”), something about my actual, momentary beliefs (when I’m at worst); or distilling […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog: Songs for My Parents

Listen to “Mother’s Day” and “Poppo!”. Two very different but equally unfit-for-regular-public-consumption songs here. I wrote “Mother’s Day” in September 2007 to send to my mom. She’d been diagnosed with an especially nasty kind of cancer the previous summer, and I’d spent time with her during her surgery and treatment. I was just depressed, and […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog: Remembrance

Listen to “Rembrance.” When reading Schleiermacher, I was reminded of my friend Steve Petrinko, who was my main cohort in my college band The MayTricks (previously covered in a number of music blog posts). Working in close proximity like that at that time of life (we were also apartment-mates for a couple of years) meant […]

The New Album is Now Available

My band, New People, has now finally completed our second album. You can hear tracks and purchase it (if you’d like) here. You can also find details there about our CD Release Party tonight (Wednesday), for those of you in the Madison, WI area. Note the nifty art by Ken Gerber, who did the P.E.L. […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 30

As I hit the big 30 here, let me thank you for your indulgence, to the extent that you’ve actually been reading/listening. I’m marking this round number with another whole album, this time the debut full album by The MayTricks from 1992, cleverly entitled The MayTricks. As this was really the first full-length album I […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 29

At last, here’s the final tune from the 1991 MayTricks demo (which I’ve made a new page for), “Her Skin Is Only Warm.” The song was written by Steve and was our most bombastic. It was modeled on The Rolling Stones’s “Steel Wheels” album, meaning it has kind of awkward “Rock! Rock!” lyrics, but it […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 28

Three songs today: cover tunes by The MayTricks from 1992 or so. Specifically, the Police’s “Can’t Stand Losin’ You” (which I sing) and Talking Heads’ “And She Was” and The Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black” (both of which Steve sings). These are actual, multi-track studio recordings done with probably as much care as many of […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 27

Correcting my previous post, apparently this is my first recorded original composition: “The Funny Train.” While I had always assumed this to be a traditional melody, a quick web search reveals no previous versions, so I hereby claim it. However, I note that “There was a little man, and he had a little can” appeared […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 26

At the half way point of this 2010 experiment, I’ve got something very special to post: my first ever intentional recording of a song, which was also my first experience playing with a band that I put together. It’s from spring ’86 and called “Venus on Earth.” I had some little music composition program on […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 25

Today I present the crown jewel of my high school band years: The Spring ’89 version of “Run Away.” I’ve previously blogged about this song, which is pretty cheesy, but pleasurable, I think. This version owes a lot to the keyboard programming of the last couple of albums by The Cars (my favorite band at […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 24

My computer no longer boots and is in the shop, which means I’m on my wife’s MacBook, which means it’s time for more camcorder youtube uploads! Here’s a version of “Love Is the Problem:” We (my band New People) recently played a very big show at Madison’s Brat Fest, on the “Quench Gum” stage, […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 23

Warning: foul language, juvenile humor, possible misogyny, and terrible sound quality. The song is called “Girl,” and it is from fall, 1989, just a couple months into my college experience, recorded in the excruciatingly awful sounding method of tape-to-tape dubbing, which is what I used from 1987 or so through spring 1991. This was my […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 22

To apologize for many weeks now of old (i.e. poorly recorded) and (in the case of the “classical pieces”) near unlistenable material, I’ve now newly encoded and posted the entirety of my “Mark Lint and the Fake Johnson Trio” album: This is probably my single strongest collection of tunes. The recording quality is decent […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 21

Continuing this thread, a multi-movement horn trio: “Ron Visits the Land of Insanity.” I think these undoubtedly very talented music school players practiced this once together before coming into my class to try to get through this, and I put them through some mighty indignities including trombone parts written much too low and choreographed coughing. […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 20

Here’s another, earlier music composition class piece of weirdness: “Argument Leading to Death.” I’m thinking now that my week 19 entry was likely from the early spring of 1993, while this one was from late fall of 1992 in the previous semester’s class. I think I decided it would require less effort this time around […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 19: Patriotism

This week I’ve dived into digitizing old cassette tapes and waded through a couple of unlistenable options before coming across this thing that you might find interesting. “What happens in music composition class stays in music composition class,” goes the old saying, but I’m letting out some of the hell: a song called “Patriotism,” composed […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 16

Yes, another song not written by me, from the same 1991 demo as the last two weeks’ entries: “Wild Flower.” However, I did play this 40 million times and wrote the swell bass line and contributed to the somewhat out-of-tune backing vocals. The performance is actually pretty darn good, and the recording was only left […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 15

Here’s “Wasted Youth,” a song by Steve Petrinko, also (like week 14) from the MayTricks 1991 EP, which I’m retroactively calling the “Happy Flowers EP,” as “Happy Flowers” was to be the name of the album that we started recording with this lineup shortly after making this demo (at least according to my decision; I […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 14

One of my heretofore unmentioned projects for this blog is digitizing and mixing the original, 1991 5-song demo from my college band The MayTricks, so here’s the first tune: “Run Away.” I’ve also posted an mp3 of the eventual 1993 album version of the tune for comparison. I like the demo better, I think, though […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 13

In honor of the death of one of my biggest musical influences, Alex Chilton, here’s me from the summer of ’94 performing his Big Star song “The Ballad of El Goodo” in an Ann Arbor coffee house. I’ve digitized it and done my best here with a heap of processing to mitigate the fact that […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 11

Another for the same album: “Not Too Late.” I added the vocals, acoustic, bass, percussion, and the big distorted background guitar all in the last couple of days, after not working on this since 2000. Written in late ’98 as my time in philosophy grad school was ending. Even as I entered grad school, I […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 10

Another tune destined for the Mark Lint & the Simulacra album: “Night Before the End.” If you’ve listened to the podcast ep. 16, you’ve heard that Seth thinks that it’s boring when musicians interpret songs for you, so I won’t to that, and leave you merely to wonder what it would mean to be “bold […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 9

This week I mixed a demo from a failed 2000 collaboration: “Mush.” One of the first musicians I met in Madison upon arriving in 2000 was Ken Labarre. “Mush” was a song he wrote for his previous band, and it rips on people who bare their feelings on daytime talk shows (not the kind of […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 8

The first newly completed song from the “Madison Lint” album: “Cold.” I’ve been singing this a lot to myself as I walk around this horribly frozen wasteland that is Wisconsin and thinking about when I wrote the words to this while wandering around the building of my crappy office job back in early 2001, when […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 7

Here’s another new recording: “Ann(e).” It’s a pretty old song, written I think late in 1991, back when I was in a psychedlic band called The MayTricks, and though the recording is entirely new (OK, I started the click track and the acoustic guitar back in 2000, i.e. this is another tune destined for the […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 6

More video this week: The linked song is one of two I’ve just put up there from a 1997 gig by The Fake Johnson Trio. This was the very last gig for that band, and one of the few played as an actual trio: I switched to bass for a couple of shows for […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 5

As January draws to a close, I made good on my determination to upload some more gig video, with a couple of songs from 1/16/10 New People show from the Alchemy Cafe. The song of the two by me currently visible (though I hope to have more up shortly) is at, and from that […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 4

This week’s entry is an entirely new recording: “Came Round.” On one or two days in the summer of ’99 I wrote and recorded maybe five song fragments with nonsense lyrics that featured dual-vocals throughout the whole thing a la the Byrds. I was contemplating starting a folk duo that would feature collaborative songwriting and […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 3

This week I’ve finished another tune from the same project as “Write Me Off,” namely “Once in a Great While,” which was originally called “Therapy Song #141.” The song is one of several I’ve written about inspiration and its masochistic character. What I want from moment to moment is a feeling of warmth, of involvement. […]

Partially Naked Self-Examination Music Blog, Week 2

This week’s newly finished recording is “Write Me Off.” This is part of the “Sinking and the Aftermath” project; the story of my utter irresponsibility in not finishing these songs (from 1999-2000) earlier is told here. This is one of my favorite songs of those I’ve written, and it’s gone around my head quite regularly […]