1. Democracy and the Freedom of Choice


    There is a fundamental incoherence to the universal prescription of the freedom to choose: since any one choosing anything is impossible, the parameters of this freedom are who is choosing and what they can choose.

  2. Topics for #103 & #104: Thoreau and Nozick


    We discussed Thoreau’s “Walden,” and then recorded a fresh conversation on Robert Nozick’s defense of libertarianism to replace the lost conversation from last May. We were rejoined for that by Slate’s Stephen Metcalf.

  3. Topic for #101: Maimonides on God


    Discussing “Guide for the Perplexed” on God’s (lack of) characteristics and related matters, featuring guest participant Danny Lobell from the Modern Day Philosophers podcast.

  4. Yes, PEL Live 7/20 Will Be Web-Cast


    We’ve tested out a web-cast solution for this Sunday’s 1-4pm central discussion of the Symposium (plus Philosophy Bro, plus Mark Lint music). Go to partiallyexaminedlife.com/PEL-Live at the time for the webcast link.

  5. Topic for #95: Godel on Math


    Kurt Gödel is best known as a mathematician, and some of the mechanics involved with the proof of his first incompleteness theorem had a direct influence on Alan Turing’s development of modern computing. But what does this have to do with philosophy?