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As a PEL Citizen, you'll have access to a private social community of philosophers, thinkers, and other partial examiners where you can join or initiate discussion groups dedicated to particular readings, participate in lively forums, arrange online meet-ups for impromptu seminars, and more. PEL Citizens also have free access to ad-free current episodes, some archived episodes no longer offered on the iTunes podcast feed, aftershow audio, some podcast transcripts, guided readings, episode guides, PEL music, and other citizen-exclusive material. (Note: this material is on a members-only page, not our store page; you can also have it beamed straight to your mobile device using our Citizen feed.)

You can join as either a recurring month-to-month member or get a discount by jumping in for a full year.

PEL Citizen month-to-month recurring membership - $5/month

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About the Registration Process
Once you complete the registration information on one of the two membership links above, you'll be given a login option. Use the username and password that you set when you registered. You can also login from the "Members" menu of the website. If you have any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to contact us. Note that the system doesn't like usernames with spaces, so if you register as "John Smith," it will assign you "John-Smith," and you'd have to enter it with the hyphen to log in. Your username can be different from your display name: for that, we encourage you to use a full first and last name that are either yours or not obviously fake, as this tends to promote more straightforward, honest discussion.

You can pay using either PayPal or a credit card through the site. If you want to pay by check, please contact us and we'll give you an address where you can pay for a year membership by check.