Antonio Damasio on Emotions and Decision-Making

Wes referred in our Spinoza discussion to Antonio Damasio, a figure in neuroscience influenced by Spinoza. Here he describes the emotions' role in decision-making: Watch on youtube: Spinoza agrees that decision-making is based on emotion. Even a "rational" decision, i.e. one made in a calm manner by considering the alternatives, requires an … [Read more...]

PREVIEW-Episode 25: Spinoza on Human Nature


Discussing Books II through V of the Ethics. Continues the discussion from Ep. 24. This is a 32-minute preview of our vintage 1 hr, 38-minute episode which you can buy at or get for free with PEL Citizenship (see You can also purchase the full episode in the iTunes Store: Search for "Partially Spinoza" … [Read more...]