Not School: Thomas Sheehan’s Historical Jesus Stanford Lectures


Featuring Mark Linsenmayer, Michael Burgess, Tara Leigh Bell, John Ludders, Chris Eyre, Benjamin Feddersen. Recorded April 26, 2015, 1 hr., 50 min.

Does Sheehan represent a legitimate academic consensus? What are the outlines of his story about the evolution of these stories by faith communities? Should this denial of the historical accuracy of the traditional story imply a loss of faith?

A New Atheist on the “Ground Zero Mosque”

Sam Harris makes it clear that his atheism is in fact motivated less by reason and more by spleen: Should a 15-story mosque and Islamic cultural center be built two blocks from the site of the worst jihadist atrocity in living memory? Put this way, the question nearly answers itself. He compares it to building a shrine […]