“Philosophy for Theologians” on Aquinas and Other Topics


In a recent post I recommended the “Philosophy for Theologians” podcast for more information about Hume on miracles. I’ve now listened to their first several episodes and can give a more comprehensive (both in the sense of covering more of there work and in the sense that I better understand their point) evaluation. First, this […]

Thomas Aquinas in Three Minutes

[Editor’s Note: I’ve evidently had mixed luck in getting our podcasts guests to join in our blogging (Azzurra, Josh, and Sabrina, this means you!), but Robert here is has been eager to join in. You can read much more of him at outsideofeden.com.  -ML] If you find working your way through the Summa Theologica or […]

Topic for #43: Arguments for the Existence of God

On many episodes we’ve mentioned in passing, or given some author’s criticism of, the classic arguments for the existence of God: -The ontological argument, whereby some quality of the idea of God itself is supposed to necessitate that such a being exists. The most famous versions are by Descartes and St. Anselm. -The cosmological argument, […]